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Biasi Inovia 25KW Combi Boiler Inc Horizontal Flue - ERP

Biasi Inovia 25KW Combi Boiler Inc Horizontal Flue - ERP
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Biasi Inovia 25C Combi Boiler Inc Horizontal Flue - ERP

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The Inovia Combi Boiler come's complete with Filling loop. All models are equipped with cutting edge quad processor technology‚ which means if the boiler develops a fault‚ it thinks of a way to work without shutting down completely. At just 700mm high x 400 wide and only 290mm deep the Biasi Inovia 25C Combi boiler is suitable for installation in cupboards. As well as a line-up of feature-packed combi and system models that provide a host of advanced features‚ each boiler offers a choice of controllers and flueing options up to 10 metres. Further development sees a state-of-the-art digital control panel assist with Inovia’s display information‚ programming and servicing‚ and several optional controllers serve to improve control and efficiency. The Biasi Inovia 25C Combi Boiler offers 11.4 litres of hot water per minute.

*Subject to annual services by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

At the heart of Inovia is a newly developed pre-mix condensing heat exchanger that is manufactured in a corrosion resistant‚ pressure moulded aluminium. Its sectional construction means it can be easily adjusted for different boiler outputs and its ‘multipass’ design ensures very low resistance for both combustion and water passage.  Designed to provide outstanding heating performance at an affordable price for almost all types of domestic properties‚ the compact range boasts some of the smallest boilers available.

Biasi Inovia 25C Combi Boiler Inc Horizontal Flue - ERP Features:

• Includes Horizontal Flue
• Designed for easy access to service all parts 
• Giannoni heat exchanger- less corrosion and build up of lime scale
• Compact size 700mm Height x 290mm Depth x 400mm Width
• Designed for quick and easy installation
• Weather compensation and fuel saving technology
• Hot water cylinder not required
• Filling loop & Pre-pipe fixing kit included
• Simple to use controls with self diagnostic
• Built-in anti-seizure function and frost protection
• Full range of optional flue accessories
• Compliant with the requirements of Building Regulations
• Digital self-diagnostic
• Timed pre-heat for DHW
• Large LCD display
• Annual Service Notification
• Intuitive to lifestyle and logs usage patterns.



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