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Combismart Water & Energy Saving Thermostatic Valve

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£44.95 (£53.94 inc. VAT)

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CombiSmart is a clever little thermostatic valve that improves the heating process by slowing the flow of the water while the combi boiler heats it to the correct temperature. By doing this, it is able to dramatically reduce water wastage and utility bills. Each time the hot tap is turned on when the boiler is cold, Combismart will save 7.63 litres of water and 0.1683kWh of energy when the boiler is fired up. This is 320, 000 litres of water and 727kWh of energy per year, which results in a £32.64 saving in gas and £83.62 in water, with a total annual saving of £116.26. It also reduces CO2 by 159Kg per annum.

This is a highly accessible solution that’s both affordable to Individuals, Housing Associations and Local Authorities, and effective for the estimated four million community housing tenants by cushioning them from rising fuel prices.

CombiSmart is easy to install. There are no kinks or bends - just a straightforward design for hassle-free installation without adjusting existing pipework. It can be Installed in less than 15 minutes and is a simple, single length device with an external by-pass adjustment so it's easy to install and calibrate.

CombiSmart is easy to fit and then forget. Simply cut a section of pipework and attach CombiSmart to any existing wall hung combination boiler or multi point water heater.


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