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Salamander HOME BOOST Pump Mains Fed Pressure Booster

£300.00 (£360.00 inc. VAT)

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Salamander HOME BOOST Pump - Mains Fed Pressure Booster. What is the Salamander HomeBoost?

Salamander pumps, one of the UK's leading manufacturers of shower pumps have spent over 4 years developing this innovative, compact, and competitively priced solution for low mains water pressure and flow.
The Home Boost Mains Booster Pump operates at 1.6 bar closed head, it will boost pressure typically by 1.5 bar while regulating flow to 12 ltrs/min ensuring compliance with water fitting regulations.
Meaning you can enjoy full flowing showers, speedy bathfill, and improved effectiveness of your combi boiler
Why fit HomeBoost?
If you are experiencing poor water pressure or flow via your combi boiler or mains pressure fed heating system, then Home Boost is the perfect low cost, compact, water fitting compliant, solution to help ‘Boost’ your pressure.
Common problems that the Homeboost will help you resolve include...
  • Getting efficient mains water flow and pressure into
  • your property?
  • Slow bath fill?
  • A poorly performing shower?
  • A drip rather than flow through your kitchen or bath tap?
  • Poor combi boiler performance?

Salamander HomeBoost Features
  • Boosts Mains Water Pressure and Flow
  • Compact Size
  • Intelligent Pump Control
  • Simple to Install
  • Water Fitting Regulations Compliant
  • 2 Year Guarantee
  • Operating at 46dB*, it is significantly quieter than
  • electric boiling kettles.** 
The Salamander Home Boost Pump will...
  • Boost low water pressure
  • Boost low mains water pressure and flow
  • Increase water pressure
  • Boost pressure fed heating systems
  • Boost poorly performing showers
  • Boost poor water pressure
  • Boost low shower pressure
  • Say good bye to slow bath fill

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