Trunking For Pipes

Pipes are an important part of any building or house, be it for gas, central heating or water supply; while most pipe works are thankfully concealed during the construction process, some are inevitably left visible like those leading to and from a wall mounted central heating boiler radiators and other mains water supply ones to the bathrooms. With Low Cost Plumbing Supplies’ Trunking For Pipes you can discreetly disguise those unsightly pipes that run up through the walls and ceilings of your beautiful house, giving it a neater appearance.

Most of our four-side trunking comes with a backing plate that attaches to a front covering which can box in one or more pipes securely without causing any damage to it. They come in lengths of 2.5 mtr with varying dimensions that can fit 8 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm and 22 mm size pipes inside it. There are other PVC mini trunking varieties as well that come in 3mtr lengths and are self-adhesive. Please check out our userfriendly online store for more details on the trunking and other plumbing related products in our range.

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